Process: Capacity Management
Focus: Business/Service capacity management
Upgrade your service areas, train new users, use your influence and manage demand
UPGRADE! is a medium-weight, turn-based game of resource- and financial management for 1-4 players.











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The game is played over six rounds. The objective of the game is to achieve the greatest business value by the end of the game. This is achieved through upgrading the solutions, integrating them and making profit. Income is generated from systems users. Connecting more users gains you influence and may increase your income. Use your influence to lobby for financial support, get support for integration or to receive an influence bonus to modify your game play. 


You are managing a small industrial facility with up to five active business areas over a 6 year gaming period. Up to now, you have only had basic IT solutions in place but there has been a strategic decision from on highand the race is on to bring the solutions up to par through life-cycling in each business area.
You have three levels of solution to choose from; gold, silver and bronze. Naturally the executive manageemnt team want to have all business areas fully integrated with best-in-class solutions but you know that you can't achieve this in the time available.
Each business area is represented by a hexagonal tile and each player arranges their tiles as they want, in line with their chosen play strategy. As well as the business area tiles, each player has a board to track their influence and one to track their income.
Each year comprises three action rounds in which the solutions can be upgraded, the number of users can be increased, management can be asked for financial commitments, system performance can be improved and solutions can be integrated. Every year, you pay for the workload you have supporting your business areas and receive revenue for connected users 





1 Main board

4 Player mats

24 Business area cards 

1 Game-year pawn

1 Start player pawn

1 Worker marker 

30 Solution upgrade tiles

70 Workload cubes

28 Commitment pawns

60 Credit chips

4 User markers

28 Influence tokens

60 Integration markers

10 Loan cards

1 Rules booklet 

15 Solution type cards *

16 Phase II AI cards *

15 Phase III AI cards *

1 6-sided dice * 

* Not shown in image (left) 


Set-up combinations


The game has a number of different variations of each of the business area hexagonal cards. On top of this, you can arrange the cards in any way you choose and can have the business areas active or inactive. This leads to many thousands of combinations with which to start the game .




SOLO game play


The back of each player mat can be used for SOLO play. Flip one of the mats, place it next to yours and  play as if it were a 2-player game. The SOLO game has a ghost player with its own AI decks giving the feel of a real opponent and great replayability.


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