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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NEW card game now available

The card game variant of DEPLOY! is now available at an incredible $17.99.

The game is for 1-2 players and uses a simplified interpretation of the full DEPLOY! board game making it excellent as a stand-alone card game or as an easy introduction to its big brother.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Upgrade - SOLO game report

The solo game pairs your usual player mat with the back of an unused player mat, enabling you to manage a ghost player through cards and dice. The setup is as per a 2-player game. 
At the outset I had to decide whether I wanted to max out on high scoring solutions or to get my points from integration. I opted for the integration approach so I needed to keep in mind the additional workload that I would have to manage later on in the game. 
The total number of users in my randomly dealt business areas was only 21, giving a pretty low initial income of 35 credits, so I elected to activate all 5 which can be challenging but given the focus on integration would hopefully pay off.
The game lasted 40 minutes after which time I scored a total of 163 points, with no credits remaining (after paying off the loan and workload costs) and one penalty for an unused commitment. What about next time? Well I think I needed an additional connection and more lobbying, as well as more "additional action" bonus choices. Maybe I would aim for just a single level of integration and more points from the solutions and credits.

UPGRADE! solo game - Final position 

An overview of the game progress follows:
Year 1: I connected one of my Administration work-groups through to the Warehousing area to increase put my income into the 40 credit bracket, Upgraded the Administration system to the silver option and lastly Tuned the Administration solution to reduce my workload cost down to 0. To get this completed I also needed to take a loan, hoping I would be able to repay. In parallel, the ghost player added a bronze Manufacturing system and also did a Connect and Tune.
Year 2 saw me make another connection, upgrade my Warehousing solution and do some lobbying, whilst the ghost player did a lot of lobbying and also upgraded their Warehousing solution. We had two unused workers at the end of the year so we would take a hit in year 3 with 2 less with which to work.
Year 3 I traded one of my influence in for a bonus extra turn which I used for lobbying. I did one other lobby and 2 Upgrades during the year. The ghost player managed an Upgrade, a connect and a tune action.
Year 4 and the start of phase II of the game meant that solutions not upgraded would cost one worker to maintain meaning a total of 3 workers used before we got down to the actions. By the end of the year I had all 5 solutions upgraded and my Administration solution on tech level III but the ghost player had still only 3 solutions upgraded.
Year 5, planning for integration, I used one of my influence tokens for an integration bonus. I added another connection, did some lobbying and placed one level of integration across all business areas. The ghost player flipped two upgrade tiles and tuned.
Year 6 and the ghost player took first player, making it more challenging to plan my actions. I once again used one of my influence tokens for an integration bonus and succeeded in adding a second layer of integration to 4 of my business areas. I nearly dropped the ball on this one and integrated all 5 but then realized that I would not have enough credits to pay for the workload costs so instead went with the 4. the ghost player did a little tuning and lobbying.


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Sunday, May 8, 2016

DEPLOY! second edition, now available

The second edition of DEPLOY! is now available. This edition both streamlines the gameplay and adds more layers of strategy with the inclusion of a server-room expansion mat, skill development cards and technology cards. On top of these new feature, the player mat has been re-designed to give a better "server-room feel" and the central board has been reduced in size to give more space for the players.

DEPLOY! second edition setup example 

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

DELIVER IT! prototype ready
This game introduces a simplified project management scenario in an easy-to-play card game. The core deck forms the basic project management framework which can be expanded with speciality decks to incorporate new tasks and decision points.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Risk Assessment added to Stabil-IT

Over the last week, two new actions have been added to the popular Stabil-IT game; Risk assessment and Remove risk. 


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