Physical game-based learning solutions for the IT industry from On-board with IT

The ready made game-based learning solutions have been carefully crafted to be accessible to all. Each of the serious games represents a holistic playable simulation focusing on one or more aspect of IT management covering each of the three primary layers; business, service and infrastructure/component.

The full suite of games has a coherent look and feel with common iconography and terminology, making it easy to intuitively understand the relationships between the primary layers.

Each of these serious business games are medium weight, referring to the challenge posed by the games and the concepts involved. Wilsts many of the concepts incorporated into the games are intrinsically complicated, the coherent manner in which they are presented provides an effective vehicle for communication and inspiration.



Business layer: Demand management

2-4 players/teams: 120-150 minutes 

UPGRADE! is a challenging strategic business development game in which each player is managing a small industrial facility with four business areas, each having their own IT solution. The game lasts for 6 years (rounds). Each year comprises three action rounds in which the solutions can be upgraded, more users can be trained, management can be asked for financial commitments and  performance can be improved. Every year, fees are collected and revenue is received for connected users.

IT demand management serious game


Service layer: Service management

2-4 players/teams: 120-150 minutes 

Stabil-IT (pronounced "stability") is an IT themed management game where the players each manage their own IT service as well as contributing to common IT services, with the aim to generate the most business value.

Six IT services are arranged around a central control hub. Each IT service comprises an application service and 4 supporting technical services. 

Over the course of six rounds, each player performs actions to improve the stability of their IT services, manage their knowledge about the services, extend their influence in the company and to life-cycle their service to an updated version. Each round is divided into a number of sprints and each action takes a fixed effort to complete. For each sprint, players plan the actions they wish to take up to the maximum effort allowed in the sprint. It is possible to trade effort between players with the use of "motivation".  

At certain points in the game stress tests determine the weakest node in an IT service, leading to a loss of stability at that node. If there is no stability to lose, an incident is gernerated. Solve the incidents to get knowledge and other benefits. At the end of each round, a technical service will life-cycle, creating a loss of stability for all IT services depending on the technical service.

IT Service management serious game


Infrastructure layer: Capacity management

2-4 players/teams: 120-150 minutes 

In DEPLOY!, players enter into projects and deploy the needed IT components onto their servers to gain money and business value.

Each player’s board represents a server-room with three capacity pools (A, B and C) supporting a different mix of workloads. The main board is used to track the progress of the game as well as each player’s worker usage, income and business value points. It also holds the available capacity cards (pool ‘A’ and pool ‘B’) and the available projects.


The game runs over five rounds, after which, the winning player is the one that has the most business value; earned from deployed projects, running an optimised server-room and supporting cloud deployments. 

IT Capacity management serious game