Multi-modal games

Multi-modal games - a sneak peek at our new multi-modal, adaptive game 

One of our games, Stabil-IT, has undegone a major overhaul and in so doing has become a fully multi-modal, adaptive system. Not only can the system be played in 22 unique modes, any one game can be changed from mode to mode whilst play continues. This provides the ability to tailor the game to a strategic learning scenario and also to move through different configurations, allowing the participants to gain the experience of those configurations without losing the continuity of the unfolding game. This can be used to simulate, the changes brought on by transitions in the corporate landscape. In the case of Stabil-IT, the participant can experience the difference brought with a DevOps team vs more traditional organisational structure, how it feels to work with a backlog and compare open, shared planning as opposed to personal closed intentions. 

About the new Stabil-IT (pronounced: stability)

The game is for 2-4 teams of 1-3 people. It consists of six solution areas of which some are assigned to specific teams and some are not. The players have 7 actions from which to choose. In the standard game, each action takes a fixed number of time units to complete, ranging from one for the simpler actions through to four for the more complicated ones. Through these actions, the players manage their influence, knowledge and solution stability with the goal of maximizing their created business value by the end of the game.

The game has many modes of play, featuring such alternatives as whether the planning is discussed or private, whether the workload is fixed or variable, whether the worker pool is shared or individual teams and whether actions are planned into a fixed backlog or are performed one at a time. The game can also be adaptive, meaning that the mode of play can be change whilst the game is on progress.

Stabil-IT service management serious game board

The picture above shows the layout of the new game. The six outer segments represent the six solution ares which are connected together with the central control hub