Physical games and simulations to train and entertain. Learn to play, play to learn


"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" - Plato 



Game-based learning and development
We all know that games and play provide a constructive, safe environment for learning and personal development. After all, where would our children's education be without it?
But this is not something that should be consigned only to our formative years. On-board with IT has created a series of physical simulation games to bring the power of game-centric learning to the business world and higher education institutions.
Our range of applied games are specifically designed and tailored to provide a submersive learning or team-building experience, rich in challenging decisions, strategic thinking and the balancing act of resources, money and time. Physical board-games offer one of the best mechanisms for interaction with your colleagues and trainers. The resulting experience is not a simple, straight-forward simulation, rather a dramatisation of the subject matter adding context and a holistic perspective.

At its core, the game-play is designed to teach and reinforce understanding of terminology and processes through associative learning techniques. Corporate culture and goals are incorporated within the reward and scoring structure of the games and can be adjusted to fit your company as can the graphic content, where colour schemes, logo-types, images and iconography can be modified to establish your corporate identity within the game.



Game-based learning: Standard games
We have a number of strategic board- and card-games specifically designed to reflect the decisions and challenges experienced in the IT industry.

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Facilitated learning

General sessions

  • Up to 24 participants across three games tables.  
  • The normal time for a session is 3-4 hours.
  • Games provided by On-board with IT.
  • Optional review and lessons learnt session (1-2 hours).

Games development
If you don't find what you need in our standard games selection we are able to create a game specifically to meet your needs.
Cost and development cycle will depend on the nature of the game and the complexity of its subject matter. A process simulation game can generally be prototyped in under a week, whereas complex games may take 2 months.

Train the trainer
  • The concept of game-based learning and development.
  • The lessons contained in each game.
  • Adapting game-play.
  • Pre-session interview and preparation.
  • Training materials. 

Customization and Branding
  • Modified game-play to reflect your business priorities and goals.
  • Modified graphic design to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Specially designed expansions to a standard games featuring your business value.
  • Sponsorship of elements of a standard game.

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