"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" - Plato 


When someone joins an organisation they generally receive the standard onboarding package to let them know about the company its culture and ways of working. Over time a more specialised knowledge develops with each person having a familiar network of contacts and increasing focus on the job at hand at the expense of appreciating how that job fits into the company as a whole. 
Periodically it may become necessary to hit the "reset button".This doesn't mean that you need to go back to how things were it means you need to realign what you have learnt and experienced with a common frame of reference. This resets your perspective, your inner virtual world of understanding.
Game-based learning educates through experience rather than solely through study, providing a deeper understanding gained through risk-free experimentation, these are also referred to as edugames. The learning experience, being also entertaining, persists in the memory of the participants, often for many years. Physical game-based learning solutions add an extra layer of human interaction and sensory input, further extending the persistance of the experience.


GameChangingInsight™ helps you gain or regain perspective, understand the broader picture so you can once again appreciate your contribution to its success. This is done through the use of high quality physical game-based learning solutions specifically engineered to support and reinforce your understanding of the big picture. Each solution provides a unique, strategy-rich, immersive experience, cultivating excellent team dynamics for all participants. Each solution, whilst a complete view in its own right, offers a complimentary understanding to the others. When taken together, they provide a foundational appreciation of IT from the business use of IT through the enablement to supply.


Bespoke solutions development
We will create a solution designed to meet your specific needs.
You will receive the complete package
  • copies of your bespoke solution
  • one or more facilitated sessions
  • facilitator handbook with training
  • expert cards for your participants
  • access to support

Train the trainer
  • The concept of game-based learning and development.
  • The lessons contained in each game.
  • Adapting game-play.
  • Pre-session interview and preparation.
  • Training materials. 

Customization and Branding
  • Specially designed expansions to a ready made solution featuring your business value.
  • Modified decision options to reflect your business priorities and goals.
  • Modified graphic design to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Sponsorship of elements of a standard game.

Ready-made solutions
We have a number of solutions specifically designed to reflect the decisions and challenges experienced in the IT industry. More titles are being added as available.






Facilitated learning
Our solutions provide sufficient information to allow you to run your own sessions but if you prefer, a session facilitator can be provided to you. 

General sessions

  • Up to 24 participants.
  • Session time 3-4 hours.
  • Optional post-session review workshop (1-2 hours).

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